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Wichita, Kansas has a skate shop!

On my recent “dangerous” trip to Wichita, Kansas I got to check out the local skateboard shop that is sponsoring the Get Rad Art Show. I am a fan of Wichita and I am a fan of skateboarding.

So mix them together and you get Endless Ride Skate Shop! They are what I consider to be a classic skateboard shop. Filled with everything you need to skate and void of all the things that can distract you from your mission of skateboard dominance. The shop was filled with skateboard history and displayed some things that would make skateboard collectors drool. I am bummed I didn’t get some exciting in the shop photos but my phone died within minutes of entering the shop. So I will be stealing a few photos wherever I can online!

Stolen Facebook photo this kid should be extra stoked not only is he on the Facebook but also TheMostMediocre!!

I also picked up a video that I had been trying to get forever called Feel Free. I was super stoked to see this video hanging out in the shop since I had not been able to find it anyplace else. I am not into buying things online so I was determined to stick it out till I found one someplace local.

This video was super sick. I miss the days when you saw a lot more independent skateboard films. This thing is raw, rad, and Mark Gutterman’s part is so creative that it inspires me to have more fun on my skateboard. Do not sleep on this video! You will laugh, giggle, and wiggle when you watch it.

Also remember to support your local skate board shops like Endless Ride in Wichita, Kansas. These guys are working hard to bring you the things you need to shred and helping bring you awesome events like the Get Rad Art Show.

Get Rad and go skateboard and you know do all the things that make you, you and I will continue to do the things that make me, me and write blogs and continue to fight for the acceptance of run-on sentences in todays world!

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